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Release of QuantumPath® version 1.5

Press Release


Madrid, October 17, 2023. Quantum Software Technology® (QST) today released QuantumPath® Version 1.5, its Full-Stack platform for developing quantum software and hybrid software systems, and controlling their lifecycle: from quantum algorithm creation, through development, testing, integration and implementation, to deployment and reuse.

Version 1.5 of QuantumPath® Core, as shown below, contains a wide variety of new features, functional and technical evolutions of many of the existing solutions, as well as fixes to the latest detected bugs.

Figure 1. QuantumPath® Engineer Board


 New functionalities

·       QPath® Engineer Board as a major UI evolution.

·       New qSOA® web portal to contain not only the URL of API services, but also as an aggregator of information, help, tutorials and SDK downloads.

·       SSO support for advanced integrations.

·       Visual Proxy wizard for Direct Code.

·       Graphical visualisation of telemetry analysis.

·       Homologation of new quantum providers

·       SDK for Python and .net. Advancing in implementations of its different levels of usability.

·       Backend extensions for Q Risk Management® notifications.

Figure 2. Taxonomy of a QuantumPath® Solution



·       Q Assets Compositor® for Gates 2.0

·       Q Assets Compositor® for Excel

·       Q Agnostic QAOA®

·       qSOA® historical transaction analysis functionality enhancement

·       Q Risk Management® version 1.0

·       Improved backend scaling

·       100+ backend refactorings, protocols, security, and optimisations

Figure 3. QuantumPath® Q Risk Management® Information


Bug fixes

·       The latest bugs detected by the development team and users have been fixed.

Registered users of QuantumPath®, who have been informed through the platform of the update, now have access to the new version 1.5. New users can access this new version through a QuantumPath® Free Developer subscription at or by contacting the platform’s website to purchase a paid subscription.

About QST


QST is a company specialised in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming that applies the results of its research to the design and development of technologies, products, methods, … that facilitate the development of quantum software and hybrid software systems with the QuantumPath® platform, the only platform specifically conceived from a Quantum Software Engineering perspective. QuantumPath® is an ecosystem of tools, services and processes that simplifies the development of integrated quantum solutions in industry-ready hybrid information system.