Develop quantum software connected to real-world systems

Develop quantum software connected to real-word systems

QPath CORE Modules are the core of the QuantumPath® platform, capable of managing agnostic quantum algorithms & solutions (gate-based, quantum annealing) assisted by general purpose tools.

QPath CORE Modules enable this hybrid (classical/quantum) computing platform to support the quantum software life cycle and engineering.

QPath CORE Modules is a quantum software development accelerator, which makes it possible to access the quantum application construction model without having to worry about the tools required for it.

APPs to develop high-quality quantum algorithms & software

Developing high-quality quantum software is the goal. For this, QPath® offers its Platform Apps, that are integrated with the CORE Modules of the QuantumPath® system.

QPath Platform Apps support Software Engineering and Programming best practices adoption. 

QPath Platform Apps assure the quality of quantum development projects and the integration of classical software with quantum software.

QPath Platform Apps makes it easy for classic development teams to manage hybrid software projects life cycle.

Develop quantum softwtare connected to real-word systems

Accelerate the development of practical quantum software

Accelerate the development of practical quantum software

QPath® is an ecosystem that covers the widest range of possible applications (Chemistry, Economics, Financial services, Energy and agriculture, Medicine and health, Privacy and cryptography, logistics, defense and national security, …) by integrating the software classical and quantum worlds.

QPath® integrates the multiple approaches and proposals of different quantum technology providers.

QPath® is an accelerator for the adoption of quantum software that contributes to the democratization of access to the quantum computing.

QPath® is The First Quantum Development & Application Lifecycle Platform for high-quality quantum software.