QPath capabilities

At QPath® we want quantum development teams to have an ecosystem of tools that maximizes productivity from minute zero. To this end, QPath® offers the following capabilities:

·       Platform for the development and lifecycle of professional quantum algorithms and Apps

·       Full lifecycle support: from creation, development, testing and implementation, to deployment and reuse

·       Automation of ALM tasks and phases

·       Assisted process management

·       Quantum project management support via Apps

·       Unlimited reuse of algorithm developments and Apps for one or different existing quantum ecosystems.

·       Transparent execution of quantum processing units, regardless of the platform on which they run

·       Compatibility and continuous interoperability with quantum vendor ecosystems

·       Development of quantum algorithms and Apps in the most appropriate context for each solution: 100% agnostic, semi-agnostic, or DirectCode

·       Support of different types of quantum hardware: gate-based, quantum annealing, simulators, etc.

·       Full software portability: write once, run everywhere

·      Ecosystem that simplifies the development of quantum algorithms in the context of hybrid information systems.

·      Facilities for dynamic integration with the real world:

o  Dynamic aggregation and modification of new assets to the solution based on business rules

o  Dynamic execution of algorithms by sending input data and collecting consolidated results both online and deferred.

·     The qSOA™ architecture of QPath® enables the integration of quantum software and classical IT through ConnectionPoint and its open standards-based protocol.

·       Apps ecosystem for developing quality quantum algorithms and software

·       Comprehensive exploration of results using a unified framework

·       Inclusion of best practices for quantum software development

·       Automatic generation of manufacturer’s resources from the agnostic model

·       Software development and deployment based on distributed architecture principles

·       Asynchronous launching of executions, being able to retrieve the results when they are available

·       Persistence of the executions performed

·       Access to the results history at any time

·       Ability to schedule executions at a point in time

·       Consult and analyse the telemetry generated in the system

·       Machine Learning to support work and decisions to be made

·       Security by design

·       Secure, extensible, high-performance, scalable technology

·       Better secures investments in the development of quantum algorithms and APPs

·       APIs to consume and extend virtually any functionality

·       Significant savings in project development and business delivery times

·       Improved competitiveness in the emerging quantum software business

·       Development of quantum algorithms and Apps for the widest range of possible applications: Chemistry, Economics, Finance, Health, Logistics, …

·       Reduced learning curve by not requiring mastery of different quantum languages and environments

·       Visual design of quantum algorithms and Apps in real-world architecture

·       RAD platform for creating quantum algorithms and Apps that are quantum vendor agnostic

·       Accelerates practical quantum software development by abstracting away its technical complications

·       Assists its users in quantum software development

·       Allows multidisciplinary teams to focus on the functional requirements of the solution

·     Truly agnostic architecture that simplifies the work of quantum software developers and accelerates practical quantum workforce readiness