Deployment and Usage Contexts

QuantumPath® has been designed to adapt to different security, IT infrastructure and business strategies of the organization, so it supports multiple deployment and exploitation contexts that facilitate being ready for the business of quantum software

 Available options:



Fully managed services in which the users only needs to access the product’s functionalities, once the subscription process has been completed where all the organization-specific elements are prepared when contracting access.

Two usage options are available in this context:

·       Public:

Managed system will be maintained by the QP team.

All QuantumPath® subscription types are available: Free Developer, Developer, Business and Enterprise.

·       Private (Private HUB):

QuantumPath® services as if they were a private access owned by the subscribing organization, over the Internet – which may be transparently accessible to registered users or protected through specialized VPNs.

Only Enterprise subscription is available.



QPath® can be deployed in organizations using preconfigured and scalable appliances based on the required hardware resources.

The responsibility for IT maintenance is the responsibility of the organization, with the product’s after-sales support and service level agreements setting the parameters for product support, maintenance and upgrades.

Only Enterprise subscription is available.



The hybrid context would come to supply those contexts where it is a business requirement to be able to distribute the layers in different IT contexts that respond to their needs as specifically as required. QPath® is a modular product where each layer can be distributed in different IT environments, either cloud or in-house.

The responsibility for maintaining IT in-house is the responsibility of the organization.

Only Enterprise subscription is available.