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QuantumPath®: The Quantum Software-as-a-Service platform

Over the decades that we have been working in the software business we have learned to manage, in a totally differentiated way, two types of activities:

·       Software development

·       Software development services

In classic software development we cover all phases and tasks necessary for the design, development and implementation of software solutions and systems. This is the domain of software developers (engineers, analysts, architects, programmers, testers, etc.). In classical softwareprofessional developers use different programming languages and, depending on this, integrated development environments (IDE) for source code management, compilation, debugging of solutions, version control, etc., among which are Eclipse, Flex Builder (Adobe), Komodo, NetBeans, Visual Studio (Microsoft) and others.

Software development services in the classic environment are oriented, above all, at helping organizations to make the most of the benefits that software technologies can offer at any time, especially to small and medium-sized companies that usually have more resource constraints (time, capital, personnel, etc.), to implement and integrate solutions for their direct services to the market, and to deal with the maintenance and continuous evolution of their software solutions.

Professional practice has shown us that this way of working in the software business, conceptually, does not have to change in the quantum software environment. Therefore, in the design and development of our platform we create technologies, tools, methods, etc., both for developers can create quantum algorithms and hybrid (quantum/classical) software systems in a integrated quantum software development environment (qIDE) that supports vendor-agnostic development of algorithms with respect to quantum technologies and their lifecycle management, and for organizations to exploit those quantum software solutions and algorithms in the cloud through the platform’s portfolio of specialized software services.

The most obvious result of this development strategy is that QuantumPath® is not only a Full-Stack platform for the development of quantum software and hybrid (classical/quantum) software systems, and the management of their lifecycles. Thanks to its architecture and the proprietary technologies that integrate it, QuantumPath® is also, by design, a Quantum Software-as-a-Service (QSaaS) platform.


Figure 1. QuantumPath® Platform


By creating a QSaaS platform we have added a further advantage to QuantumPath® that allows us to conceive and implement software services, such as those shown below, that take the development and third-party exploitation of quantum solutions and algorithms in the cloud to the next level:

·      Integrated quantum software development environment (qIDE)
Everything necessary for organizations to manage their development team and their quantum algorithms, software solutions and hybrid systems. But with a new nuance: to enhance the teamwork of different areas of knowledge that must work together to achieve the product. 

·       QuantumPath® Managed Services
Services that makes it possible to have a QuantumPath® subscription without having to dedicate time and staff to the operational management of the platform.

·       Quantum/Classical integration services
Specialized services, using qSOA® architecture, to integrate classical software with quantum algorithms developed especially for the service and to use quantum algorithms developed by third parties. 

·       Execution services
A Quantum solution is not an isolated program that demonstrate a behaviour. It’s a business piece that provides a service that compose a use case of value. And a quantum solution must run in a specialized ecosystem of runtimes that provides all the resources that makes possible the proper execution of such quantum solution. Execution services provide the necessary ecosystem to warranty the agnostic abstraction, optimizations, technology isolation as well as security, telemetry and governance. With the only purpose of execute the quantum use case. 

·       Vertical quantum business solutions
Service specialized in the creation and management of vertical solutions to be exploited by organizations. Predesigned packaged out of the box solutions that use the quantum advantage to provide business value-added use cases. 

·      Quantum Marketplace
Software solution that provides specialized software services to creators of quantum solutions and algorithms, through which they will be able to have an infrastructure that will allow them to expose the results of their work to the market. 

·       Quantum R&D services
Support services and technical assistance in the development of quantum software for R&D projects of organizations. 

·       QuantumPath® technical support services
Customized technical support service or ticketing service for software development with QuantumPath®. 

Figure 2. QuantumPath® Services


QuantumPath®´s capabilities as a QSaaS platform allow us to make available to organizations specialized services that, among others, offer the following advantages for the business around the development of hybrid (classical/quantum)software solutions:

·       Accelerates the quantum computing adoption process by providing professional quantum software development tools and services that reduce upfront investment risks, development team learning curve and time to market       

·       Centralized management of users, projects, operations, quantum providers, dashboards, etc.

·       Unified agnostic access to a wide range of technologies, quantum software development tools, algorithms, vendors and technology approaches.

·       Scalability of required resources based on the needs of each project and pay-per-use of resources as needed

·       Capabilities to experiment, develop and deploy industry-ready quantum software solutions and hybrid systems

We realise how important it is for accelerating the adoption of quantum computing by organizations to broaden the types of software services they can receive to help them take the first steps in this direction.

We are convinced that any service that supports development, significantly reduces investment risks, helps in a practical way to complement the scarce quantum workforce and facilitates the integration of the organization’s classic IT with quantum IT will be welcome. We are therefore working to make QuantumPath® not only a platform for the development of hybrid software systems, but also a platform that makes some of its technologies available to third parties through specialized quantum software services. In addition, these services will contribute to strengthening the quantum business fabric by providing quantum startups with the opportunity to use specialized software resources and tools that will make it easier for them to add value to the practical applications of their quantum algorithms and solutions.

We are taking the first steps in this exciting direction, so we will progressively expand the initial catalog of services that we offer with QuantumPath® as a Quantum Software-as-a-Service platform. For now, we can advance that some of the future services that are currently in the lab are very promising.

Try QuantumPath® for free and get hands-on experience working with tools to create hybrid (quantum/classical) software solutions from a Quantum Software Engineering perspective