Month: October 2023

QuantumPath: The Quantum Software-as-a-Service platform

The QPath Blog QuantumPath®: The Quantum Software-as-a-Service platform Authors Guido Peterssen Nodarse José Luis Hevia Mario Piattini Velthuis Over the decades that we have been working in the software business we have learned to manage, in a totally differentiated way, two types of activities: ·       Software development ·       Software development services In classic software development […]

Today (October 23rd) is the three-year anniversary of the release of QuantumPath

The QPath Blog Today (October 23rd) is the three-year anniversary of the release of QuantumPath® Authors Mario Piattini Velthuis José Luis Hevia Guido Peterssen Nodarse We will start this article with a wonderful anecdote: The first working name for QuantumPath® was Qandalf [1] because we thought that, if we could get the solution to be […]

Release of QuantumPath version 1.5

The QPath Blog Release of QuantumPath® version 1.5 Press Release   Madrid, October 17, 2023. Quantum Software Technology® (QST) today released QuantumPath® Version 1.5, its Full-Stack platform for developing quantum software and hybrid software systems, and controlling their lifecycle: from quantum algorithm creation, through development, testing, integration and implementation, to deployment and reuse. Version 1.5 […]