QuantumPath®: The Quantum Software-as-a-Service platform


Service Catalog:


Integrated quantum software development environment (qIDE)
Everything necessary for organizations to manage their development team and their quantum algorithms, software solutions and hybrid systems. 


QuantumPath® Managed Services
Services that makes it possible to have a QuantumPath® subscription without having to dedicate time and staff to the operational management of the platform.


Quantum/Classical integration services
Specialized services, using qSOA® architecture, to integrate classical software with quantum algorithms.


Execution services
Execution services provide the necessary ecosystem to warranty the agnostic abstraction, optimizations, technology isolation as well as security, telemetry and governance. 


Vertical quantum business solutions
Predesigned packaged out of the box solutions that use the quantum advantage to provide business value-added use cases.


Quantum Marketplace
Software solution that provides specialized software services to creators of quantum solutions and algorithms


Quantum R&D services
Support services and technical assistance in the development of quantum software for R&D projects of organizations.


QuantumPath® technical support services
Customized technical support service or ticketing service for software development with QuantumPath®. 

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