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Quantum Software Development Risks


Pepe Hevia OliverGuido Peterssen Nodarse and Mario Piattini have published the article “Quantum Software Development Risks” in Quantum Information and Computation, published by Rinton Press.

In this paper the authors warn us that we must bear in mind that quantum computing is still in a state of technological flux, so it is essential to carry out a good risk assessment. Furthermore, it is necessary to try to mitigate risks in order to safeguard the investments that organizations are starting to make in quantum software development. This paper identifies some of the main risks associated with quantum computing and specifically in quantum software.

A real case of risk mitigation is shown, thanks to the high degree of agnosticism of the QuantumPath® platform.  The authors highlight the importance that all quantum development tools, as well as the execution ecosystem, should be based on making the algorithm layer independent from the execution layer.

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Please, cite this article as: Jose Luis Hevia, Guido Peterssen , Mario Piattini, Quantum Software Development Risks, Quantum Information & Computation (2024), doi: