Month: November 2023

Designing Complex Circuits with QuantumPath

The QPath Blog Designing Complex Circuits with QuantumPath® Authors José Luis Hevia Adriana Palos Pereira One of the objectives of QuantumPath® is to provide tools that make the design of quantum circuits more practical and efficient for users. To this end, the tool known as Q xCompositor, a new QuantumPath® tool developed in Microsoft Excel [2], […]

Developing in QuantumPath with Python: selecting the development environment

The QPath Blog Developing in QuantumPath® with Python: Selecting the development environment Authors José Luis Hevia Alonso Martín-Toledano To exploit the advantages of quantum computing, tools are needed. Tools that provide specialists with high-level communication channels with the technology that encapsulate the deepest details of the system and allow them to focus on the problem […]

QuantumPath for multiple contexts: cloud, on-premise, hybrid

The QPath Blog QuantumPath® for multiple contexts: cloud, on-premise, hybrid Authors José Luis Hevia Guido Peterssen Nodarse Mario Piattini Velthuis For more than a decade, organisations have been replacing their own classic IT infrastructures with flexible and decentralised classic infrastructures in the cloud and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, in response to a globalisation where communications, […]