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aQuantum listed on AWS "Build on Amazon Braket" page as a Quantum Solution Provider


aQuantum is listed on the AWS Build on Amazon Braket page as a worldwide Amazon Braket Quantum Solution Provider to help customers explore quantum computing.

Through the Build on Amazon Braket page, AWS offers different options for deploying quantum solutions to customers with Amazon Braket, highlighting the advantage of combining Amazon Braket with other AWS services to build solutions that leverage hybrid quantum/classical systems and high-performance computing to help meet customer needs.

Currently inBuild on Amazon Braketthere is a list of 6 Featured Solutions, including, recently added, aQuantum.

“Working with AWS, we have integrated Amazon Braket with QuantumPath® to help global customers simplify the development of quantum algorithms in hybrid classical/quantum software systems,” said Guido Peterssen, Founder and COO of aQuantum.

Congratulations to aQuantum for working with AWS as a Quantum Solution Provider with QuantumPath®.