The QuantumPath Community is made up of institutions, organizations and companies, members of aQNetwork, that collaborate in the R&D of quantum software solutions with QuantumPath®. Applying Quantum Software Engineering best practices to the development of high-quality solutions to make possible the dynamic integration of classical systems with quantum software, community members contribute to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing in the real world.


Quantum computing presents us with a wide range of scientific, technological, and production challenges as we move toward its broader real-world adoption. To help make this possible, QuantumPath Research members collaborate in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming R&D, in the search for the best options to design universal agnostic development tools, in order to provide the best applications to QuantumPath® and thus contribute to bridge the gap between research and practical quantum computing.


One of the great challenges to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing is having a qualified quantum workforce. QuantumPath Academic Community work on the design and dissemination of quantum software multi-level training with QuantumPath®. The Platform’s tools to assist programmers in the software development cycle, its agnostic character regarding quantum technologies, its user-friendly graphical interfaces, among other features, reduce the learning curve for developers boosting quantum literacy.


The successful adoption of quantum computing necessarily requires the dynamic integration of disruptive quantum technologies with classical computing systems. The QuantumPath Solutions Community works to enable the design, development and implementation of dynamic hybrid solutions for a wide range of industries and activities with QuantumPath® technologies implemented and under development. Solving the specific challenges of hybridisation of classical/quantum software systems is the goal.